R12000 (48mil), R15000 (60mil), R20000 (80mil)


The RoofingSeries PVC membrane has been designed to fit the needs of the modular industry in regards to flat roofing system solutions. Born from a proven formula of the highest quality polymers and packed with the most plasticizers, this product’s integrity is unmatched. It is a heat-weldable membrane produced with an internal fiberglass mat reinforcement for excellent dimensional stability. Once thermally welded, the seam can withstand greater stresses than the sheet itself. Various thicknesses and the original fully walkable version, all provide incredible performance.


The RoofingSeries Membrane is a high quality, thermoplastic PVC membrane with fiberglass reinforcement. This is the only membrane that achieves a Class ‘C’ Fire Rating when fully adhered directly to plywood. In addition, the membrane has a unique lacquer coating applied to the top of the membrane to reduce dirt pick up. Color availability is white.


  • Class ‘C’ Fire Rating fully adhered directly over min. 5/8” T&G CDX Plywood
  • Unique Fully Walkable 60mil option available
  • Completely customizable roof sizes
  • A modular roofing option offered to market for the past 35 years
  • Smooth backed; internally reinforced
  • Manufactured via spread coating process
  • Thickness Options: 48mils, 60mils, and 80mils
  • Full line of existing accessories and option for customizable accessories
  • Cool Roof Rated; Energy Star Rated
  • Will not propagate flame. Self extinguishing characteristics
  • 15 year material warranty while providing a non slip surface for roof top traffic
  • Accomodates virtually any modular unit dimensions
  • Established and proven
  • Excellent dimensional stability. Full adherence of the membrane to substrate
  • Will not delaminated in the face of bending, torqueing, or temperature swings
  • 10, 15, and 20 year material warranties
  • A unique and 100% complete system
  • Helps reduce cooling costs

Codes and Approvals

RoofingSeries PVC Membranes are classified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., Underwriters Laboratories of Canada, FM Global, Miami-Dade and Florida Building Code. Roofing Series Membranes also meet the material requirements of the International Building Code.


The RoofingSeries PVC Membrane is custom made to order in width and length from master rolls that are 10’x1500’. After creating the required roof size, the roof is put on a sturdy core, rolled up, bagged and tagged and palletized for shipment.


After a proper substrate preparation, the RoofingSeries membrane is unrolled into the WBA 200 adhesive and then pressed into place to promote a healthy bond of membrane to adhesive to substrate. Any and membrane to membrane junctions are to be done so via thermally heat welding.

For full details, please refer to the RoofingSeries Installation Guide.


  • R12000 - 48mils thick - 10 year material warranty
  • R15000 - 60mils thick - 15 year material warranty
  • R20000 - 80mils thick - 20 year material warranty

For full details, please refer to the appropriate Warranty information sheets.


When installed correctly, the RoofingSeries PVC Membrane requires minimal maintenance.We recommend designating an onsite representative and schedule to inspect the roof system as a whole for damage, plugged drains, weathered sealants if used, etc. during the changing of the seasons a minimum of twice per year or after any significant storms. As with any roof system, normal maintenance should be scheduled.

For full details, please refer to the RoofingSeries / Modular Maintenance recommendations.


Membranes sold exclusively through Skyline Building Systems.