RoofingSeries Pipeboots

One of the most common details to complete is the through penetration or pipe penetration detail. We make it easy for the installer to complete this by offering our prefabricatedRoofingSeries Pipeboots. These are made using our RoofingSeries PVC Membrane and are available in conical or cylindrical form. We offer various dimensions on each and can even be called upon to custom make to order these thus satisfying our customer’s unique requirements.

Why choose conical vs. cylindrical?

Conical sizes are a universal fit for penetrations 1”-6”. Proper installation method would see that the void between the RoofingSeries 1”-6” Universal Boot and the pipe be filled with insulation to prevent condensation along the pipe coming through above roofline. Cylindrical sizes are a precise tight fit to the penetration to prevent any condensation build up along the pipe.

Common conical sizes available: 1"-6" Universal Boot

Common cylindrical sizes available: 3", 4", 5", 9" (inside diameter)

*Custom fabricated pipeboots can be made to order beyond our standard offerings.


RoofingSeries Prefabricated Pipeboots are made from our RoofingSeries membranes.


  • Guaranteed compatibility with the RoofingSeries membrane used on the roof
  • Thermally heat weldable
  • Ensures 100% watertightness at a critical point
  • Universal fit conical and cylindrical boots available
  • Accommodates 1”-6” openings
  • Allows for a precise fit over a pipe penetration


Common sizes are readily stocked. Custom sizes require a lead time. All are packaged per required amount requested.


RoofingSeries lower flange is heat welded into place with a hand held hot-air welder and roller. The top is then clamped to the stack/pipe using an appropriate tightening ring. A bead of RoofingSeries compatible sealant is used to finish the detail by sealing around the top of the pipeboot and against the stack/pipe.

For full details, please refer to RoofingSeries Installation Guide and Thermal Heat Welding Instructions.


Available exclusively from RoofingSeries