Dec-Corner – Outside

RoofingSeries Outside Corners make it simple for the installer to complete outside corner details while reducing the risk of leakage. These are made using our RoofingSeries membrane and are available commonly in 6”x6”x6” dimensions. If required, custom outside corners can be made to exact specifications.


RoofingSeries Outside Corners are made from our RoofingSeries membranes.


  • Guaranteed compatibility with the RoofingSeries membrane used on the roof
  • Thermal heat weldable
  • Ensures 100% watertightness at a critical point
  • Common or custom dimensions meeting customer specifcations


Common sizes are readily stocked. Custom sizes require a lead time. All are packaged per required amount requested.


After the curb or wall flashing membrane have been installed, RoofingSeries Outside Corners are thermally heat welded into place with a hand held hot air welder and roller. No caulking or sealants are necessary as this product is 100% designed to be thermally heat welded into place correctly.

For full details, please refer to RoofingSeries Installation Guide and Thermal Heat Welding Instructions.


Available exclusively from RoofingSeries