Born from a proven formula of the highest quality polymers and packed with the most plasticizers, this product’s integrity is unmatched.

PVC Modular Roofing Solutions

RoofingSeries PVC membranes are supplied exclusively to the modular industry in North America by (Firestone?). Definitively, we have provided the highest quality PVC roofing membranes available to the modular manufacturing over the past 3 decades coupled with over 50 years of proven success with the membrane.

RoofingSeries PVC systems are specifically engineered to meet the needs of modular manufacturers. The membranes are available in custom widths and lengths. Membranes and complimentary accessories are lightweight and easy to install.

RoofingSeries PVC membranes meet or exceed the requirements of CAN/CGSB 37.54-M 1995 and ASTM 4434-04. Roofing Series membrane, fully adhered with WBA 200 adhesive and meets the requirements of CAN/ULC-S107-M87 (UL 790) Class C on a combustible roof deck of minimum 5/8” T&G plywood with a maximum slope of 1:96.

RoofingSeries PVC System Benefits:

  • Class ‘C’ Fire Rating fully adhered directly over min. 5/8" T&G CDX Plywood
  • Unique Fully Walkable 60mil option available
  • Completely customizable roof sizes
  • 35 years of proven performance to the modular industry
  • Smooth backed; internally reinforced
  • Manufactured via spread coating process, creating a truly monolithic sheet
  • Thickness Options: 48mils (10year), 60mils (15year), 80mils (20 year)
  • Full line of existing accessories and option for customizable accessories
  • Cool Roof Rated; Energy Star Rated


EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) modular roofing systems install quickly and economically. UL and FM listed assemblies are available upon request. Non-penetrating mate-line and bridging system keeps dealer multi-unit lease-fleets fit. EPDM membranes are fully adhered with Water Based Bonding Adhesive, a must for in-plant installation. Its single-side, wet application requires fewer workers and offers easier sheet positioning.

All the accessories you need to complete roof details around edges and penetrations are also stocked locally for delivery along with your EPDM. EPDM is lightweight, making it ideal for new construction and retrofit installations without adding excessive weight to the roof deck. EPDM helps reduce the noise made by rain and hail or wind as compared to other roof systems such as metal roofs causing vibration. EPDM stretches to 425% so structural movement has no effect on integrity. It provides excellent resistance to ozone and UV and can handle the coldest winters or the desert heat.

Meets or exceeds ASTM standards.EPDM membranes from RoofingSeries.

EPDM System Benefits:

  • Easy to install and Retrofit
  • Fast Roofs
  • High tensile strength, single-ply membrane ideal for long-term watertight integrity
  • Quiet Protection eliminates “roof rumble” while it protects against leaks
  • Highly flexible in hot and cold temperatures, will not split or crack
  • Long Lifecycle
  • Non-reinforced and pliable
  • Membrane to membrane utilizes glues, tapes and adhesives
  • 45 mils thick with a 10 year warranty